An Innovative Defect Detection Product: Adaptable and Robust Anomaly Detection – Vision (ARAD-V)

Cupertino, CA, September 29, 2023 – Aizip, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative defect detection product: Adaptable and Robust Anomaly Detection – Vision (ARAD-V). This deep neural network (DNN)-based new technology offers broad adaptability, high accuracy, and a variety of edge-deployment capabilities, significantly enhancing defect detection processes within the manufacturing industry.


Machine vision-based defect detection is now a pivotal element in various manufacturing processes. By utilizing AI algorithms, these automatic systems outperform traditional methods, substantially improving the reliability of quality-control processes.


Despite these advancements, AI-based solutions typically necessitate laborious manual data collection and model re-training for each new product, representing a significant expenditure of time and resources. Moreover, the product’s lifecycle might conclude before collecting sufficient abnormal data and developing a robust model. Aizip’s revolutionary ARAD-V technology disrupts this conventional process, delivering a versatile “one-for-many” solution that obviates the need for constant model retraining. A concise “registration” phase empowers ARAD-V to interpret images of non-defective products, enabling identification of defects in new products without additional training.


Aizip has rigorously assessed ARAD-V across an extensive array of products, from public datasets to customer datasets, from screws and toothbrushes to fabrics and semiconductor chips. Thanks to Aizip’s proprietary deep neural network model, ARAD-V consistently attains state-of-the-art defect detection accuracy.


Weier Wan, Head of newly formed Enterprise Products Group at Aizip, said, “ARAD-V adeptly adapts to a myriad of manufacturing lines while achieving exceptional accuracy. This adaptability significantly reduces integration time and vastly augments efficiency and reliability in defect detection.”


ARAD-V’s deployment spans various platforms including mainstream CPUs, edge GPUs, and even MCUs. Its distinctive edge deployment capability ensures data confidentiality and security while markedly minimizing costs, without the need to transmit extensive data to the cloud.


The first integration of ARAD-V is currently underway in a factory, while Aizip is actively collaborating with multiple customers and partners on more opportunities. The launch of ARAD-V comes on the heels of Aizip winning the Best of Sensor Award in the AI/ML category at Sensor Converge for ARAD-T (Time-series). This achievement highlights Aizip’s commitment to innovation in Industry 4.0 and its technical leadership. Aizip continues to work on enhancing ARAD-V and other solutions to further reinforce its position as a leader in the manufacturing technology sector.


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