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As an ecosystem partner, Aizip works closely with Renesas to provide intelligent solutions to customers.


Defect Detection

Solution Summary

The defect detection module from Aizip is a general-purpose solution that can be applied to diversified applications in industrial, agriculture, and other enterprise markets. The compact and efficient TinyML model runs efficiently on RA8D1 devices and is suitable for a wide range of IoT applications. This turnkey solution is available for the Renesas RA family of MCUs.


The DNN-based AI module requires limited normal data for registration at the beginning of its service.


No abnormal data or labeling is required. The pass/fail threshold can be easily adjusted without expertise in AI.


Detection and inference are done locally on the device, so no Internet connection to the cloud is required.


High accuracy and fast detection is achieved through Aizip’s leading and efficient tinyML technology.


A turnkey solution that requires no model training or re-training by the user.


The model is ready for integration in a large variety of products.


Target Markets and Applications

Manufacturing Industry

Factory Automation

Industrial IoT


Simple and quick registration process for qualified personnel with Aizip TinyML model on Renesas MCU

Renesas-Aizip Defect Detection