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As an ecosystem partner, Aizip works closely with Renesas to provide intelligent solutions to customers.


Speaker Identification

Solution Summary

Aizip’s efficient and compact algorithm provides accurate identification of the registered speakers for biometric parameter recognition. The compact and efficient TinyML model can run economically on RA4E1/RA6E1 devices, suitable for a wide range of IoT applications. This turnkey solution is available for the Renesas RA4 and RA6 Families of MCUs.


This offline low power solution works as follows:

The module provides an efficient and effective identification of the speaker among registered users. The user registration can be simply done by recording pre-selected keywords three times.

The solution is implemented entirely within the RA4E1/RA6E1 devices. The detection and inference are all done locally on the device, and no Internet connection to the cloud is required.

Good accuracy and very compact size have been achieved through leading efficient AI technologies developed by Aizip.

The RA4E1/RA6E1 device modules provide a turnkey solution. No action from the user is required.

Target Markets and Applications

Smart Cities

Smart Homes

Smart Sensors

Building Automotive

Consumer Electronics


Simple and quick registration process for qualified personnel with Aizip TinyML model on Renesas MCU

Renesas-Aizip Speaker Identification