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As an ecosystem partner, Aizip works closely with Renesas to provide intelligent solutions to customers.


Person Access System

Solution Summary

Aizip’s Person Access System (PAS) provides accurate person identification through face recognition and speaker identification. The compact and efficient TinyML model leads to low power and economic PAS modules for a wide range of IoT applications. Turnkey solutions are available for the Renesas RA family of MCUs.

Key Advantages

Multiple biometric detection functions are integrated into one TinyML model for a single MCU.

High accuracy is achieved with the cross-check of speaker identification and face identification.

Focused customer features: easy registration, high efficiency/optimization, straightforward integration, and modularity to enable a complete solution.

The four functions in PAS can be used either as a whole or in part for diversified IoT scenarios:

    • Three vision functions: visual wake word (VWW), face detection, and face recognition;
    • One audio function: speaker identification.

Target Markets and Applications

Intelligent Buildings

Automotive Industrial

Automation Technology

Intelligent Buildings

Industrial IoT

Consumer Electronics


Simple and quick registration process for qualified personnel with Aizip TinyML model on Renesas MCU

Renesas-Aizip PAS